Monday, August 2, 2010

Multigenerational Show 12 years of Interzone!

David Dondero, Arcweld, Tourist (?), Tirade, The Angries
Interzone’s 12th anniversary celebration!
All age shows are a rarity in Corvallis, and so it’s pretty exciting to not only have an all age show, but to have one to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the local organic coffee house, the Interzone. This will not only be an all ages show by virtue of who can attend, but also, the bands together represent 14 generations of local music talent therefore making this truly and all age event!
Arcweld, got their start in the early ‘70s as a reggae and jazz infused rock band. In the mid-70’s they fired the bassist, as he insisted on being called “Sting.” Sting went on to start some other band, the name of which escapes me at the moment. By the late 80’s, Arcweld’s sound evolved into an angry, loud, wonderful punk.
It is unclear whether Tourist will be able to play this show, as bassist, Jeff S is scheduled for a film premier of his new movie, The Wind of Your Heart, on the same day, in Hollywood. Tourist was created in 1991, as a boy band modeled after the success of groups like New Kids on the Block. In 1992 they had a huge hit with “GRL R U N2 ME 4 EVER?” and toured with such acts as Boyz2Men. Their next single, “GRL I M N 2 U” did not match the success of their earlier hit, and the band temporarily dis-banded. Jeff S, as everyone knows went on to act in movies, and had a cameo appearance on NBC’s hit sitcom, Friends. Randall, also pursued in acting career, however he skipped the glam of Hollywood to film porno in the Valley. His acting name was Randy. Because, well, he was randy all the time. The band regrouped in the late 90’s and learned how to play actual instruments. This was a confusing time for them. They were used to well-choreographed lip synching, and had trouble learning their instruments. They eventually triumphed and became adept at guitar, bass, and drums. Keyboardist Gabe A never did learn to play, but they kept him on for his incredible good looks.
During his time in the Valley, Randy Randall met up with local homeless crazy guy, Callan, who was on some tirade at an intersection. While Callan ranted on and on and on and on about government conspiracies to raise the dead to enslave humanity for the Reptilians, Randy started tapping a beat, and the band Tirade formed. Randy keeps Callan in a large drum case between shows, to prevent him from ranting at the wrong person.
The youngest band of this event are all the progeny of a famous group of musicians. That’s right, every member of this band are the children of the Hanson Brothers. How did three brothers make children? I don’t know, but rumor has it they were MmmBopping in the hot tub one night together, and the next morning they all woke up with morning sickness. Needless to say, these children were angry that their three dad’s made such shit music, and hence The Angries were formed.
Also, there’s some guy named David Dondero who evidently was the bassist for Metallica before he died in a tragic bus accident.
August 7th, 4pm-11:30 pm at The Interzone 1563 NW Monroe, Corvallis, OR ALL AGES